Clinics We Offer

The surgery provides the following services for all registered patients:

health check

Easy Access to Healthcare

  • Bookable appointments at a range of times
  • Healthcare clinics in local community venues
child health

Help Staying Healthy

  • Advice on preventing illness
  • Advice on managing a long-term health condition
  • Cervical screening (smear tests)
  • Contraceptive services (emergency and routine)
  • Childhood immunisations

Specialist Services

  • Womens’ health
  • Mens’ health
  • Child health
  • Cardiovascular care including:
    • ischaemic heart disease screening, prevention and management
    • other circulatory disease screening, prevention and management
  • Treatment for minor injuries and illnesses including, bruises, sprains, strains.
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Antenatal (pregnancy) care
  • Post-natal checks
  • Smoking cessation service
  • Diabetes clinic
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) clinic
  • Asthma clinic
  • Chronic kidney disease monitoring
  • Palliative (end of life) care
  • Health screening
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar testing
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Travel Vaccinations

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